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Beta Carers

Information and Guidance for Current Beta Foster Carers

Our carers can access all our Policies and Procedures, Foster Carer Handbook, blank documents, training information and any additional guidance which may be provided. Our carers are provided with a password to access the documents.

Our carers are considered by us to be part of a team of working professionals. We include our carers in many decisions regarding the agency, such as developments, training, activities, marketing, recruitment. We greatly value their input especially their role in meeeting potential carers and providing feedback.

Our foster carers are incredibly supportive of one another and also the agency. We have several very experienced carers who will ask as mentors to those less experienced, support them at panel and be there to talk to.

In return we aim to always support all our carers at all times, (both good and not so good). They also have access to support and guidance from Dr Hill who will work with them to provide the best means of interevntion and responses to our children and young people who ay be having difficulties or be in crisis.

Our message to our carers is that "without you there would be no agency and a lot of children and young people would be missing out on positve, nurturing care and dedication!".

Beta Carer Downloads

This area contains useful downloads such as meeting minutes, policy & procedure documents, forms and anything else we think may be of use to our carers. For security reasons this data is password protected.